Founded in 2012, Tristenblake Ltd. is a company focusing on mobile games investments, while simultaneously supporting a growing number of products contained within our own portfolio. As a company, Tristenblake Ltd. specialises in developing and publishing online games with the aim of attracting global audiences.

Throughout developing our market expertise, both in the development and promotion of games, we decided to venture into the investments side of the industry. This pivotal step has allowed us to form strategic partnerships with several high ranking companies that hold leading positions in their respective sectors. Together, Tristenblake Ltd. and these market leaders share a common goal of bringing high-quality and innovative products to fruition.

For the purposes of game development, we have established key long term relationships with global companies and individual developers alike. The unique quality, outstanding graphics and overall innovative design of our games are second to none, making us the market leader in every respect.

Our self-publishing capabilities and know-how allow us to successfully promote games in our portfolio and thus, increase worldwide reach. Tristenblake has long-standing experience in the distribution of games globally under our own brand or by way of licensing to third parties. The ability to self-publish is something we firmly look to maintain as we believe it benefits our customers significantly.

We value the creativity of our developers and that of our business partners. For projects that interest us the most, Tristenblake Ltd. can offer a tailor-made approach throughout the whole of the development process. From initial design and funding to technical implementation and marketing, we cover all the bases.


We are constantly seeking out fresh investment opportunities in exciting new companies within the gaming industry. If you are looking for a reliable partner combining both financial resources and operational expertise, please send us your proposal via the contact form below.


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