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Tristenblake Ltd. is a company developing and publishing games for mobile devices. We possess the necessary expertise and have successful experience in developing and promoting games which grip the audience. In terms of development of the games, we cooperate with numerous companies and individual developers worldwide. The outstanding quality of the games, the gorgeous graphics and the design of our games is second to none and puts us ahead of the competition. Our experts help develop and create a marketing plan for the promotion of the games and the increase in worldwide sales. Tristenblake Ltd. offers its customers a tailor made approach throughout the development process: from the initial concept, design and complementing it all with our technical support and consultations on the most efficient ways to market the game. We develop and sell new games of popular genres to our customers worldwide, assigning all the necessary IP rights. The development times are as low as one to three months from the start date, depending on the complexity of the game and the requirements of our customers. Tristenblake Ltd. also licenses its games to the interested parties for monetization online.